Every day presents a new opportunity to reinforce to a customer why they chose your product or service. – Jeremy DuVall

I really enjoyed this blog post from Jeremy today because I’m a firm believer that if you’re not constantly working to improve your customers’ experience, you’re passively losing them.

Digital examples of this stand out to me all of the time…

  • Frontier’s website is awful. I used to be able to browse prices and deals for upgrades on Verizon’s site whenever I wanted, but once Frontier bought out FiOS, everything shifted to their website and now I can’t even see prices without calling their 800-number. Also, for some reason their website thinks I speak Spanish and I have to translate it back to English to make my payments.
  • Glassdoor’s app sometimes doesn’t remember my login credentials, so it asks me to re-enter them when I want to do a simple task like sort a list of reviews by date.
  • Winn-Dixie just “upgraded” their pharmacy app and even though they added a feature to refill from a list of your prescriptions, it doesn’t work and instead now you have to enter the RX numbers one by one.

None of these things alone are enough to drive me away … but they’re enough to plant that seed in the back of my mind so that if an alternative comes along, my first thought about any of these guys is more likely to be something negative instead of a reason why I chose them in the first place.

Business 101 – You want your customers to think happy thoughts about your company when faced with your competition.