This isn’t the first time that complaints have been raised about Amazon harboring unsafe working conditions in its distribution centers…

Undercover author finds Amazon warehouse workers in UK ‘peed in bottles’ over fears of being punished for taking a break

The “being timed to pee” sounds over the top, but keep in mind that a lot of punch-the-clock-type jobs time employees down to the second for their two 15-minute breaks each day … and that’s just what takes place systematically. During my call center days, it may not have been an official policy, but we definitely had times when supervisors would keep a tally of employees that they thought were taking too long in the restroom.

I mean, it’s understandable – when you work a crappy job, hiding out in the bathroom is a great way to kill some time!

Regardless, with Amazon’s drive to be the king of shipping & distribution … especially when they’re tracking every minute detail, their model is going to support this kind of behavior and they need to act aggressively to root it out if it does stem from middle management because not for nothing but that survey where Amazon is ranked among the best places to work?

I’d bet money that’s considering their thousands of people who don’t run around on their feet filling Prime orders all day.

I hope that they do get their act in gear because I love Amazon and I’d hate to see this become yet another 21st century example of exploiting a group of people who are desperate enough for work that they’ll allow their basic rights to be taken advantage of… 🙁